B.C. electoral officer Craig James uses Arizona shooting in an attempt to discredit FightHST. Pathetic

B.C. electoral officer Craig James getting death threats from anti-HST activists.

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How disgusting and desperate for the Chief Electoral officer to politicize the position as head of Elections BC. Elections BC is an institution that is and must be independent of partisan politics.

It is absolutely pathetic he would use the Arizona shooting as a way to try and discredit the Fight HST organization. If he has a problem with a few e-mails from crazy nutbars then send them to the RCMP and not the Vancouver Sun and Times Colonist.

Craig James has turned what was supposed to be a non partisan agency of the government into a political circus because of his clear bias against the Fight HST activists. He must be working for the BC Liberals otherwise they (BC Liberals) would have removed him long ago and replaced him with a new CEO of Elections BC and it would have been done through the legislature.

Shame on Craig James and the BC Liberals. Your corruption knows no boundaries.

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3 Responses to B.C. electoral officer Craig James uses Arizona shooting in an attempt to discredit FightHST. Pathetic

  1. Linda says:

    Well, we all know about Campbell’s dirty tactics. He is a very desperate man. All the information coming out about, his corrupt sale of the BCR. The HST was Campbell and Hansen’s election lie. Everything bad going on in this province, is Campbell’s doing. Campbell got rid of two honest members of, Election BC. Craig James was installed, “temporally” in Elections BC. Campbell picks out the people he can easily manipulate, to do his dirty work for him. What Craig James doesn’t understand is, if push comes to shove… Campbell will call James a criminal, and cut his throat, as he did to Basi and Virk, who also were set up by Campbell, to take the fall for him. I have no doubt, most of those e-mails sent to James, were probably rigged. Dirty tactics are Campbell’s forte.

  2. ron planiden says:

    Craig James has a duty to fulfill as an ELECTIONS BC OFFICER. An Elections BC officer deregistered a BC PROVINCIAL PARTY in February 2001. The REFORM PARTY had acclaimed a leader and it was BILL VANDERZALM. There was controversial paperwork and submission dead lines that lead to deregistration, such a minute offence. Now with all the CORRUPTION in BC RAIL and its coverup,budget lies before the last election and the lies about the HST and MUZZLING the BIG MEDIA, and then paying off the lawyers of 6mill. Also check out Jasmohan Singh Bains Mr. Big drug lord and the LEGISLATURE, make sure you have your seat belt on. Wouldn’t you think that ELECTIONS BC has duty to DEREGISTER the liebral party immediately and call an EMERGENCY ELECTION?

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